Yes, rogue Jews are occasionalloy held accountable. The financial super crimnal Bernie Madoff died in prison, as did Jeffrey Epstein, perhaps the world’s most famous sex trafficker and pedophile. Another pedophile, Roman Polanski, was forced to flee his beloved Hollywood. Many Jewish pedophiles seek refuge in Israel. Jack Abramoff, Jonathan Pollard, and Michael Milken spent time in prison. Senator Al Franken was voted out of office.

Dead JewsBernie Madoff (left) and celebrity sex trafficker/pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Sadly, these are the exceptions. There are countless corrupt and/or sleazy Jews infesting virtually all our major institutions. A disproportionate number of the world’s most heinous criminals are Jews. Jews virtually invented modern gambling and pornography. They established modern Wall Street, Las Vegas, and Hollywood. Jews invented the atomic bomb and are widely believed to have started both world wars, conveniently blaming them on the Germans.

So, what’s being done about it? Kudos to the women who stood up to Hollywood celebrity rapist Harvey Weinstein, even if it took them years to come forward. Their battle marked the beginning of the MeToo movement. But how many of them had the guts to say JewToo? Even today, few people talk about Weinstein’s Jewishness. That’s a shame, because Hollywood is reportedly a rape factory, and Jews run the show.

Elie Wiesel and Milton FriedmanThe novelist and teller of tall tales Elie Wiesel (left) liked to recall the horrors of the Holocaust at the World Economic Forum while economist Milton Friedman helped Wall Street drive millions of people around the world into poverty.

Bernie Madoff’s criminal empire was a mostly Jewish enterprise. Jeffrey Epstein’s sidekick, Madeleine Ghislaine, is a Jew. The Jews control the global economy and media and increasingly control the U.S. government. Are you happy about the government giving billions of YOUR tax dollars to Israel to help a bunch of deranged religious kooks slaughter innocent Palestinians?

Are we going to let the Jews continue their campaign of genocide against the Palestinians, funded by U.S. tax dollars, without even calling a spade a spade for fear of being called “antisemitic,” a word that doesn’t even make any sense? Hitler was right. Unfortunately, he tried deporting Jews, only to discover that no other country wanted them (aside from a tiny island in the Caribbean). Still, merely removing Jews from positions of power helped transform Germany from a charity case to a world power. Should we take a cue from Israel and try genocide?

Classic Jewish HuckstersClassic Hucksters, Left to Right: Albert Stinkstein, Sigmund Fraud, and the dour, racist goddess of capitalism, Ayn Rand.
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